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Gefallt mir gut
Gefallt mir gut, ist sehr gut lesbar und ubersichtlich. harmonische Farbgebung auch im dunklen Bereich.
Excelente tema
Excelente tema, me encanta.
Fantastic navigation buttons! Fantastic tab bar! Fantastic combination of black and blue! Fantastic update! Fantastic skin! Fantastic all!
Just brilliant
Haven't rated a theme in a long time! This one is crisp and clean. Just brilliant! Thanks!
Love it
Amazing. Absolutely love it.
I love this theme.
I have a hard time keeping the same theme on anything for very long but no matter what new theme I download, I keep coming back to iCool. Very slick. I recommend it for everybody.
I just love this theme.
It's very easy on the eyes after looking at the screen for a long period of time. Cool beans. Keep up the good work guys!!!
Absolutely sexy!
I love the Black on my browsers and the style is wonderful. Thanks dude!
Great theme, Very light ,fast loading, good contrast. Thanks.
Amazing theme
Love the gloss black, blue contrast, only one that seems to be working well and that actually looks good! Nice one.
The best dark theme
Just the best ! Aucun ne peut rivaliser avec celui-ci, depuis que je l'ai adoper je ne peut plus m'en passer !! Justes les boutons suivant et precedents qui font viello mais le reste est tellement superbe....
Very nice, I love it!
Great theme
Great theme. I love it!
Tres beau et tres soignee... excellent.
Me gusta mucho como queda el navegador.
Verry nice!
This is a real cool theme! Verry nice! 5 stars for this.
Parfait, l'integration de ce theme dans Vista est parfaite, rien a dire !!
IMO Best So Far!
I've been searching for "the" theme for FF3 and this one seems to be in. Love the combination of the colors and the buttons are cool. Great work!
Awsome theme
It's stylish and very wel brushed. Everything remains in its place and I just love the colour.
Tres joli theme futuriste ! Bravo aux createurs, c'est toujours un plaisir de naviguer dans un environnement propice.
Love it!!!
I am a big fan of dark themes. This is my favorite for FF3 :)

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